Friday, May 28, 2004

today's excuse

can't think of anything exciting to write today. playing with the bofh excuse generator. i think i can work with this: "your excuse: new guy cross-connected phone lines with ac power bus." that'll keep me amused for a while anyway.

on the boat tonight. our coolest group is on the boat this weekend. Dive2000. got a fancy dress party saturday night, just in case we actually needed an excuse to drink too much and behave like idiots :-). the theme is masks for males and feathers for females. could be interesting...

sunday is going to be a big day. unpack the boat and get the customers off, then get myself home and tidied up into some kind of presentable image, before i drive to sydney for dinner. i have a funny feeling i'll be my usual tired and gibbering self on monday. hehehe monday, day of hangovers! i hate mondays anyway, might as well have a good reason.

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