Wednesday, May 12, 2004

this is the title

another hump day, another payday. nothing exciting really. tried to re-write yesterday's deleted post, but i can't make it say what i want. it's just shit. i have this vague impression of what i want to say. but the text image that comes out, just ain't it.

goto 10
10: drink more
20: try write blog
30: read blog; if blog=blurry goto bed
40: read blog; if blot=shit, goto 10, else goto 60
50: goto 10
60: publish blog

still sore from climbing on monday night. i had a pretty good night, a lot better than i thought i would. all the bouldering walls have been changed since i was last there, and considering how out of form i am, i was pretty happy.

no soccer training tonight, it's too wet and no-one turned up. it's a pity because over 35 soccer has a bye tomorrow, and i'm on the boat this weekend, so no sport for me until i thrash myself climbing next monday night.

oh wow, now what the frikken hell do i do? there's this girl i'm chasin at the moment. she is really cool, cute, and fun to be with. being the socially retarded fuck that i am, i'm still working up to asking her out for dinner.

ok, back to my quandry. there's this other girl. she is totally cool too. she's a closet computer geek (can't hold that against her) but i've spent the last 1.5 hours chatting with her. she laughs at my jokes, she reads the bastard operator from hell, she's even heard of the excuse generator. i'd better stop, i think my sister is starting to worry about the maniacal laughter.

anyway, my quandry. i'm a fairly single minded guy when it comes to girls. but on the other side of the coin, knowing my luck, i'll tell one i'm interested in another, then the one i choose will say "tough luck" and i'll be walking my paddy malone again. is it naughty of me to try and keep both going until i work out what's gonna work?

'cause that's what i want to do. just be nice and talk to them both, and whichever one doesn't run for cover when i act my normal stupid self, i'm gonna try and move on.

why is it, that girls are so lovely and cute, desirable and cuddly, yet impossible?

shoot me now

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