Wednesday, May 26, 2004

still flyin...

i'm still on a high. being the pessimist that i am, (ok, yes, or being eeyore) i'm sure i will screw it all up and then i'll be back to normal. but i don't give a shit. i'm riding the wave while i can.

life's full of up's and down. i've hit them all. as Jonas has so eloquently described, if some fuckwit who earns about $150K can still be unhappy, i reckon i can be happy with my little world.

when you're down, sure, you feel like shit. don't get me wrong dudes/dudettes, i feel your pain, just gotta ride it out and wait for it to swing back. it won't last forever. and really, there's nothing anyone can say to you to bring you up. a hug from your mum/friends/siblings/lovers can help, if you let it.

big hugs to MissJenJen and Pixelkitty by the way, who are both going through some crappy shit. ride it out ladies, i know you can do it.

and when you're up (ok, got there finally) it's just fucken fantastic. it's like when i go surfing and catch a wave and you're cruising down the face and turning so hard you can hold yourself up by dragging your hand in the water. (and just amazed that i didn't screw it up) like being on your bike on a crisp autumn night, with a full moon, cruising along the side of lake george at, well ok, about double the speed limit (sorry Daniel)
well i think you get the picture. and for me, it also includes spending time with a really cool, snarky, wicked sense of humour, attractive (because i'm a shallow prick), smart (well smarter than me, but that's not saying much), vivacious and totally outoing lady. (ok yes, suck suck suck, so sue me, i'm going with the moment :-p)

ok the last bit is fairly unusual for me, but i think you get the picture. what i was trying to say is: when you're up, you don't know how long it's gonna last. maybe tomorrow there'll be some poxy tragedy in your life. i've been to funerals for people younger than me who've had heart attacks. fuck waiting for the golden moment. when i'm having fun, i'm gonna milk it for all it's worth. i'm not here to play politics or build bridges or paint great works of art.

for this life, i just want to savour the magical experiences.

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