Sunday, May 09, 2004

a night in front of the telly

but wait there's more..... NOT. can it get any more boring than this?

woke up this morning and got the kids a few brownie points by making sure their mother's day present was there before their mum woke up. hope you appreciate this grots. had a brief look at the surf. surf's up dudes, pity it was dredging sand (low tide). went home, and wasted a bit of time before retrieving my car from my brother's (no cats this time) and checking out the surf elsewhere. same problem, dredging, try again at high tide. so round to mum's for the sunday bbq and a few beers.

watching serendipity. usually i'm a big fan of john cusack. loved "better off dead" and second to that was "grosse point blank". "pushing tin" was ok, sorta, but never to be watched again. (unlike the first two which i will re-watch every few months). i couldn't even get through the first 20 minutes of serendipity.

perhaps this relates to the fact that i can't watch people embarrass themselves on tv, because i am so good at embarrassing myself and i hate it. watching them screw up relationships killed if for me, because i associate with it all too well. i can't embarrass myself well, shop for relationships, or buy and sell cars. i'll have to ask my shrink about that if she's not reading this. but she'll probably tell me what i already know, that is i have screwed social skills.

hmmm, the imdb reminds shows a heap i've never heard of or seen, but reminds me of "con air", which was cool but more of a nicholas cage movie, and "hot pursuit" which was also good. oh shite, yeah, "the sure thing" another good movie. didn't rate so good, but i enjoyed it. although a bit predictable. (as if all of them weren't predictable!)

i wonder what crap movies are on tonight. i should get a life.... ah fuck it, why stop now just when i'm hating it :-) last night i kept myself awake with "the whole nine yards", always good for a giggle, and Natasha Henstridge is just beautiful (but ok, yeah, i only just looked up her name on the movie database thingy)

(disclaimer: just because i vent and write some stupid boring shit, doesn't mean my life is really exciting and spontaneous. my life really isn't exciting. this is just the shit i vent. it's all bullshit. not as exciting as the movies, just as stupid as real life.)

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