Monday, May 31, 2004

monday again?

i'd never get a job in a newspaper, always got very lame headings.

i've discovered a way to make mondays a lot more fun though; get to work late.

the weekend on the boat was pretty good. stayed up way too late drinking on friday night, finally shut down the generator and went to bed at 2:00am. surprisingly i felt ok the next morning, and we had a pretty good day. i didn't manage to get any dives unfortunately, this group was a little too disorganised on saturday for me to have a change to get in myself. by the time the last diver would get in the water, the first diver would be getting out already.

saturday night was the fancy dress party. more drinking and loud music and generally having a fun time. an earlier night's sleep though. everyone was too tired from a big day of diving.

sunday was another fine day, a couple of different dives. the group doing the advanced course managed to finish all their tasks. we had to get some of them onboard, fill their tanks, and push them back in. unfortunately we gave them a bit too much air, they didn't want to get out of the water after they finish their course. so we told them it was their choice, they could stay in if they liked, but we're serving lunch now. suit yourself. (i had vision at this stage of not getting home until dark, and i had another date in sydney lined up, so i was a little less than enthusiastic about dawdling divers....)

we finally got everyone off and i jumped in the crapmobile and headed home, a quick shower and change, and off to sydney for dinner and a movie. crashed at a friend's house afterwards and drove home in the morning. and with my usual lazy relucance to get out of bed on a monday morning, i didn't want to get up. so i got to work nice and late.

picked up a few things from home on the way past, the local reject-fm was on the radio. they said anyone who wanted some tickets to the local "australian idle" grand opening concert should stop by the railway station and pick them up. i know my sister-in-law would like them so i got them on the way past. i'd rather stab myself with a fork than go myself. same pain but doesn't last as long.

at work just in time for morning tea! :-)
(and yes still on a high. even monday can't bring me down today)

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