Tuesday, May 11, 2004


what colour are your eyes? i look at them and i think blue, then i think silver, then something in between. then i think i shouldn't stare, because my brain stops. i have to wake myself up and make sure i'm not drooling or something. how much closer can we get without touching?

the whole time your eyes are flicking, i think maybe they are flicking from one of my eyes to the other, and occasionally down to see if i am still grinning.

who are you blue eyed girl? in the background my wheels are spinning. i can hear the noise of the rubber biting, it chirps, then i hear the exhaust roar, then the tyres squealing, but i'm not travelling anywhere. but then, i enjoy a good burnout. perhaps this is the fun bit. it is so magical, fun and new.

i must be so transparent i think. how can anyone watching fail to see this?

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