Wednesday, May 05, 2004

hump day not exactly to plan

went for a surf after work in an attempt to let it all go and unscrew my head. the surf wasn't that big, but there's always an interesting rip where i went, and i got the shit beat out of me. not the best preparation for soccer training. but ok for taking my mind of stuff. nice red full moon rising as i got out.

soccer training started out fairly hard. the little shits were running all over me even worse than usual. that's it. no more surfing before training, and i definitely have to work out a few more beer free days and get myself fitter. pity i have all the restraint of a 3 year old. now, yet again, i'm sitting with one leg up and a frikken ice pack keeping me company.

round to mum's afterwards to find that grandma is going just fine. they're thinking up ways to prevent her cooking herself. i just want to lock a few windows partially open, but that isn't feasible apparently. mum just wants to nick her gas heater and make her run airconditioning all the time (on reverse) for warmth, so she gets the heat, but still circulation. the gas heater is nice for standing in front of, but it uses up the oxygen in the room (and all the other doors are shut) and makes it very hot and stuffy.

anyway, i'm glad all that i was worrying about was for naught.

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