Saturday, May 08, 2004

happy mother's day

i hope all the mother's out there have a great day tomorrow (sunday). i've tried to tell my grots to do the right thing and look after their mum on mother's day. but they have managed to leave her present here (bought out of their pocket money) so probably they will stay in bed and do nothing. but i hope not.

today was a good day, got up late, i should have gone south to fix a caravan park pc but one of the other techs kindly agreed to go instead. so it was a very cruisy morning then off to soccer.

we played ok, but really let them run all over us in the first 10 minutes, during which time they scored 2 goals. the final score, 4-2, we lost. but we had fun and had a good run. first grade had a 1-1 draw. with about 5 mins to go the opposition got one up on us. and in the last minute we either got a penalty for a handball in their 18 yard box, or yet again, this referee has demonstrated is complete lack of a clue about the game. you know a referee is bad when both sides are heckling him no matter which way the free kick goes. really the reserve grade referee was better and should have done the main game. but i'm glad he didn't, the ref for 1st grade is a complete loser. our two players who insisted on arguing with the ref would have got cards instead of a warning.

a few minutes with ice on my shin/ankle, and then the call is too strong, come to me, come to me. and i'm up in their clubhouse having a few beers and doing loud abusive stupid heckling for our team. their team is just as good at this as us, so we all had a good giggle as well.

again, happy mother's day all you wonderful mothers. some of you have kids a bit young yet to be trained how to do this properly, but rest assured, as they get older they'll get the plot. a nice quiet sunday, if they must get up early they can keep the telly quiet. a cup of tea when you eventually wake up, and a general be good and don't be a pest. trust me kids, your mum will love it. a cuddle and some roses you stole from the neighbours garden (or in my brother's case, any bright looking flowers growing in anyone's garden)

no matter how snarky you think you are, these little grots love you. and for the dad's out there, make sure you coach them appropriately :-)


looks like i'm doing an 8:00am trip to save the grot's reputation by dropping off the present. hope they appreciate it.

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