Friday, May 21, 2004

friday!! woohoo

we won at soccer last night, not through playing any good, but because we had 4 subs, and they had none. they were winning 3-1 until about 15 minutes to go, then they ran out of puff. and we ran all over them and won 5-3.

although (coincidence?) when i subbed off we started scoring. there could be a moral to the story there. i was prepared after the game this time, a towel so i could have a hot shower afterwards, and hang around for a few beers. when i play soccer on the weekend we aren't very organised. no-one usually brings any beer (ok, except me) and how can you be properly expected to hurl drunken abuse at the game if you haven't had a few quiet beers to charge you up?

the over 35's on the other hand are very organised. enough beer for both teams :-) i'm starting to really get into this. pity i started doing it for fitness. i've a funny feeling that beers after the game isn't the best training for the weekend!

now i've just got to survive friday (yes, i'm in my cube farm, watching the clock tick over while abusing the fair use internet policy)

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