Friday, May 14, 2004

friday, i'm over it. hmmmmm beeerrrrrr

thank fuck that is over. for a while i thought friday was shaping up to be like thursday was.

i have found the universal truth. after lunch at the pub, everything is better.

the weekend on the boat is cancelled (surf's up dudes). much as i enjoy my weekend work, i don't mind a little time out and a chance to catch up. and beer is good.

finished switching isp's, only broke one or two things that i can see so far, and i don't give a shit. they can wait until monday. the first 2-3 people i asked to see how the new connection was going said it was doing wierd things and a bit slower. so i'm going fuckfuckfuckfucknowwhat! but it seems.... like its going ok and a bit faster now, maybe. monday shall reveal all (including me cowering under my desk gibbering). you really should see how our firewalls and internet connection are setup. chicken-wire, chewing gum, duct tape.... only not visible, ok, yes, the rack looks like a blue spaghetti explosion, but the bodged up bits are how the routes and other network settings have been done. i'm fucken amazed it works at all.

stupid backup software screwed up as well, so after soccer training i went back to work to unscrew it. i finally escaped at around 10:30. i've gotta sort this shit out. i mean, overtime is nice. but weekends (that's friday 4:00pm till sunday pass-out time) are not for working.

after work i decided i needed some timeout. grab the mgb (and a jumper and a beannie) and i'm off to see how the surf looks in jervis bay. there must be over 200 guys surfing (no, not all at the same break, about 5-6 different breaks, it's everywhere man) still, and it's 5:00pm. ok, lots and lots of esky lids out there, but a lot of boards as well. i think it's high tide, looks like it's just dropped off a little. crap this is a fun car, this engine just loves to spin. i've gotta stop grinning at people when i overtake them. i mean, you've gotta look over your shoulder to make sure you've got room to get in, but i seem to be always doing it with a big dopey grin. woohoo!

check out this mgb. this is the coolest. inspired me lots. i wanted to go for the supercharger option (as if i have an mgb anyway, it's sister and bro-in-laws), but this one, at over twice the engine size, and weighing less, has got to be good. looks exquisite if you ask me. and a v8 in a car that's like driving a rollerskate, it'd be like a dog on lino, slip slide and away.

universal truth number 2 - you can never have too much grunt.

enough shit for one day. don't panic. i'm not feeling negative. just a few days at work have put me in a snarky mood and i'm venting all my negative stuff. i don't really feel that bad, and, no, when i go for my dinner date, i won't be snarky or negative, ok?

guru josh - infinity (like the music, but jees man, get a better name, but then, maybe he was a one hit wonder or something. i'd look it up, but i don't give a shit)

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