Tuesday, May 04, 2004

definition of getting old

won't stop playing sport, but you have a season ticket to the physiotherapist.

so i'm sitting here. trolling the blogosphere, with my left leg on the table beside me. my calf is wrapped in a compression bandage and i've got an ice pack from my ice pack collection on it.

do you know that ice packs work even better than ice for cooling beer? i've had a beer freeze in a little esky because it was wrapped in an ice pack. not as cool as this self chilling beer can though. could be very handy...

today was another boring day in the rabbit warren. finally got some more m$-isa-server shit sorted out. hopefully in another 2 days i'll be shot of the frikken lot. well apart from the usual bits where i didn't get it right the first time and have to go back and re-do it. but after our programming section's latest offering of crap and the month since troubleshooting it, i feel calm and relaxed about making a shit-load of mistakes and basking in their glory.

we had a lovely little session this afternoon in our team brief. basically we whinged and complained and blame-stormed (you know, put the blame elsewhere cause we can) for an hour and a half. ok, can we make a rule? whinge once. maybe twice. then either suggest a solution, or shutup. sure, there's trouble and stuff doesn't work. welcome to the world of computers.

i left before the end because i had to pick up grot D from the universal kid drop off point (yes mcdonalds), and go surfing hehehehe. unfortunately we were only in the water for half an hour before the sun was gone, the clouds were pink and the full moon was up. no waves though, well stuff all. yesterday was more fun, but still today was a fun experience.

me: ok grot, the next wave, take to the beach ok?
grot: sure
10 mins later....
me: maybe we should paddle in a bit

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