Wednesday, May 19, 2004

c'est la vie

i think thats french for "shit happens"

oh well. looks like i made myself too obvious and now she knows i'm interested, but she's not. drat. oh well, i'm not gonna sulk too much. just wallow in a bit more self pity and go back to pretending to be a real adult.

back to work reality, just moved desks, and i've finally moved my entire old mess to the new location. i'm not looking forward to sorting out the new mess though. i threw out about enough crap to fill a wheelie bin yesterday, more today with a bit of luck.

i don't feel like working really, and the boss keeps on sneaking past when i least expect it. like i'm meant to be working and stuff! i've just about run out of weekend work. only a few more weekends and it'll be all over for a few months. then it's very quiet until october-november. i've just gotta remember to be good. no overspending on saturday nights after the soccer :-)

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