Friday, May 21, 2004

brain fart

stupid stupid stupid, i hate it when i do stupid stuff

the power steering in the crapmobile has been moaning at me for the last few days (low fluid) so i thought i'd do the right thing and top it up. only i had a complete frikken brain fart and put in brake fluid instead. fucken fuck fuck fuck!

when i bought the brake fluid, and was putting it in, i couldn't work out what was wrong. it was like one of those scenes where something glaringly obvious is out of place, but you can't work out what it is. until you're driving back to work and you get that sinking feeling when you realise you've fucked up.

so it's over at the mechanics. might as well get a service while it's there. i'll see it again monday arvo, maybe.

oh well i don't need a car this weekend. i'm on the boat. packed and ready to go. i just need some seasickness tablets so i don't get sick when i'm doing the vacuuming!

avagoodweekend everybody!

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