Thursday, April 29, 2004


well so much for the plan. ended up working instead with that security patch. one of our servers didn't restart (and i was working from home) so i was a bit nervous about what was going to happen when i upgraded our crappy mail server. fortunately the server that didn't restart was because someone left a diskette in the drive. only gotta get thru friday then i'm safe....

another kooky thursday

but today has so far been ok.

i asked this girl i'm interested in, if she would like to have lunch, and despite bringing her own lunch she changed her mind and went to lunch with me. woohoo!!

all seems to have gone well, i don't think i made an idiot of myself or bored her with my stupid stories. time will tell.

and now i've managed to wipe out my thursday nights for the rest of the autumn and winter by joining one of the "old cretins" soccer teams (over 35's). hopefully this will be good fitness training for me so i can compete with the much younger kids in my regular team. or else it will reduce me to a complete wreck. we shall see...

in any case it will make up for all the saturdays i can't play because of my weekend work. i wonder if i can still fit a surf in this arvo before going to the soccer :-)

now to do some more patching because of, yet another frikken microsoft patch for yet another frikken microsoft security issue. sheesh! we should be running apache for chrissake!

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