Tuesday, April 20, 2004


our organisation is changing isp's, fun and frikken games. the old one went bust, and it was slow and unreliable anyway. the boss has decided that i should take care of it because 1) in case he goes under a bus so someone else knows what's going on, and 2) his hair has already fallen out, now he thinks it should be my turn.

i thought everything was just going like normal (ie: badly) until someone rang up with a complaint yesterday to say one of our links wasn't working. and it's to one of our domains anyway, and it's name server records aren't being hosted at the frikken ausregistry. we've got about 20 goddamn domains, registered with 4 different registrar's. don't ask me why, i'm just a frikken indian. been changing them all to have the same primary and secondary dns, and moving them to the new ip addresses. what a nightmare. anyway, one of them has shit itself.

first i check to make sure it's not my fuckup, and fix it if it is. but it looks like they did a deletion in jan 2003, it just never took effect until dipshit (me) goes to change the dns settings. and it won't let me unstuff it.

so i ring up the first contact to see what is going on. i can't get who i want so they put me thru to someone else, and the little fuck has decided he's going to run interference. i control my temper and tell him what's going on, in a way that the dumb shit will understand, i'm not getting through. he reckons the domain was deleted in 1995. you just aren't listening are you dumbfuck?! it was working last week. the crap on your site mentions a deletion last january, but not of the whole goddamn domain, and redelegations before and after. i'm not giving up, print off the records from the admin page on the web and fax them to him. who the hell is this prick, his administration tools are such that he can't view a damn thing anyway, and he wants me to FAX it to him? christ, you work in IT you numbnut!

screen capture, paste, change page, capture, paste, whinge whinge moan moan. (the others are getting sick of my shit, they are laughing at me and shooting rubber bands at me). fax it off and ring up to make sure it's arrived etc... (in case he is unable to use a fax machine) and i get to talk to the first person i wanted to talk to anyway. he says he'll sort it out.

about a minute later he rings back and says i'd be better off talking to the next person up the food chain as his department doesn't have the necessary tools to undo deletions or change anything. he'd be just doing phone tag. ok, at least i'm getting somewhere. i ring the number and talk to the woman in charge. she says she'll hopefully be able to fix it today, but i need to send am email to them for confirmation from the admin contact. no problems, i send it off from the admin contact (then tell him about it hehe) and within 30 minutes she sends an email back to say it is fixed. you could knock me down with a feather. now i'm grinning like an idiot (except now i have to stop moaning and whinging)

Ma'am, i am never losing your number or your email address. that is the price you will pay for being competent. unfortunately we have to change the ip addresses of our primary dns in a couple of weeks....

actually the word competent really sums it up. able to listen and assimilate. fix shit. cut through the shit. did i say fix shit? i hope one day the moron who first ran interference comes up against a really snarky opponent. i just ran over the prick, i want someone really snarky who will really make his live miserable. you stupid, ignorant, dumb, miserable, brain dead, goat fucking mutant. gah! i work in IT, i hate it when we look like dicks, this guy makes us look like fucken limpet mines. dunno what your agenda is, you crack smoking, son of a blind guano harvester. but i'm glad i drove over it. get a life and while you're at it, get a brain.


i had a late lunch, so late that i didn't go back to work (ok, so that meant i left a whole 15 minutes early), anyway, i picked up my son, and his mate, and we went for a surf. a bit of a nor-easter blowing, so we headed up to the favourite spot.

the weather is starting to cool, but the water is still warm. and an advantage of cooler weather, is that the nor-easter isn't so strong. after 20 mins it was nearly gone, and the waves were really glassy, got a cool little right hander, it just got faster and faster (jammo wherever you are, i'm getting you to make my next board, this one is great).

a couple more waves and my son's mate is nowhere to be seen, drat!!! paranoid parent gland kicks in. catch next wave in, paddle lots, send the grot looking one way while i run back to the car. paddle out, check the lineup, surf in, thank the gods, there he is looking for us. breathe, breathe. my mistake, never relax too much surfing with the kids, sure he's in year 12, (not my son, his mate) but i am too paranoid not to know where they are all the time.

ok, while i'm on that. we need some new terms. like a half brother shares a parent, but if you have de-factos with their own kids, it's way too hard to say, for example, we went surfing with my ex's son, and my ex's de-facto's son. my ex's kids expect me to call them my own. i'm their dad as far as they are concerned, even though they know their own, i'm their dad too. and the ex's defacto's son, he's not a half brother or step brother. an "instant sibling" perhaps?

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