Wednesday, April 21, 2004

page 23

vlado has told me to

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

and to avoid another "hump day" title i thought i'd play too. the first stupid book had a chapter title on page 23, so the freebsd handbook will do. all the other books behind my desk are even worse.

"Some software distributions have attacked this problem by providing configuration scripts".

how boring, the next bit is more interesting

"Some of these are very clever, but they have an unfortunate tendency to triumphantly announce that your system is something you have never heard of and then ask you lots of questions that sound like a final exam in system-level Unix programming ("Does your system's gethitlist function return a const pointer to a fromboz or a pointer to a const fromboz? Do you have Foonix style unacceptable exception handling? And if not, why not?")"

but still boring.

today is the day that wouldn't go away. i just want it to end. if i have another coke i think i'm gonna go hypo. i can't even troll thru tssh because they are getting a "bandwidth limit exceeded" message. bleah!

oh hold the press, they are back. back to your regular scheduled broadcast hehe


glassy, warm and not too small, not too big. i figured this could be my last chance for a surf until next week. but now i've decided to try to get out thursday arvo before getting on the boat for 4 days.

one young couple was there with their little baby. i thought, that's nice of the dad to be helping the mum carry the baby etc... out to the beach, then she came back for the surfboard. turns out she was going for a surf and he was baby minding hehehe

she got a couple of good waves, as did everyone as far as i could see. i caught some waves. i have really, interesting, wave choice. after a while i will go "damn sets are never coming" and will catch the first big wave that comes thru, it closes out, then i paddle out thru cool lefts and rights going doh doh! frikken DOH!

got a couple though, nearly ran over a guy paddling out. i was so engrossed in what i was doing, riding this fast little right, i looked up and saw him and fell off. woops, sorry. next wave was a cool fast little left, i'm trying to beat the white water and get back to the face, look up, another dude paddling out, fall off and nearly run him over too, woops, sorry dude.

i love these fast little waves. i'm going to have to start bringing my glasses in the car though. i'm wiping out trying to beat the last close-out section and i think i'm gonna lose my contacts for sure. i used to be able to just give myself some room and launch myself off the last bit. my timing needs work. one guy out there has some kind of wrap around surfing glasses, strapped on and tied to his wetsuit for when he loses them when he gets wiped out. i think i'll stick to contacts.

a sure fire way to wipe any thought of a crap day at work out of your head. the sun is going down earlier and earlier though. gonna have to start taking flexi's and sickies to get my winter surfing rush :-)

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