Wednesday, April 28, 2004

nothing to see here, move along

a particularly uneventful day. which can be a good thing. i didn't stuff anything up and as far as i can tell i haven't made a fool of myself for at least a week now.

no soccer training tonight as everyone will be still stuffed from two games over the long weekend. instead i'm going to the dive club meeting. to see what mischief everyone else got up to over the weekend. a mate of mine is driving, which is good, but i have to drive home from his house. so no drinkies for me at the club. doh!

trolling through the blogosphere quite a few people are quiet as well. maybe they're like me and still a bit stunned after a long weekend and a lot of late nights. one of our lads turned up tuesday morning straight from a party that went all night. strangely he was a bit ill that day and had to go home early hehehe

as a blogger user i've been given a chance to play with the new (not an april fools day joke after all) gmail. before they offered it to me, i was wondering how i could scam it. now i've got it, i wonder what's the point of yet another free online email account. sure it's 1000mb, (is a gigabyte 1000mb, or 1024mb?) but i'm not gonna trust it with stuff i don't want to lose just yet. yahoo has been fairly reliable so why give up now?

hmmh, free email accounts; yahoo.com, hotmail.com (online like everyone else on the planet no doubt), bsdmail.org, hotbox.ru, netscape.com (probably expired), icq.com (same) and now google.com. must be a computer geek thing.

oh well, tomorrow is another day. thursday. i never could get the hang of thursdays.

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