Thursday, April 15, 2004

never could get the hang of thursdays

well a sleep in is always good. only that meant by the time we got to the beach the nor-easter was in full force, not that there was any swell to speak of anyway. we went to a different beach for a bit of variety as well, poor choice as it turned out. oh well

not a very productive day really. but then we are on holidays. so i don't mind. i like my holidays to be a mixture of fun and boring. if you have too much fun they go too fast. but if you have a few boring bits in there, they can drag and drag forever.

the kids are in the loungeroom negotiating with my sister for what telly they are going to watch tonight :-) but i guess they can't be having such a terrible time. they want to stay tomorrow night, even though they will be bored out of their nuts waiting for me at soccer training.

tooling around in the mg again was fun though. we gave it a wash yesterday so we can actually see out of the windscreen instead of having to look over it when driving into the sun. i'm not looking forward to my sister and her husband coming home and taking it back off me. i'm quite enjoying myself playing with it.

oh well, back to your regular scheduled broadcast...

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