Thursday, April 22, 2004

morons anonymous

after work i decide i'll have a little surf. last chance until monday arvo as i'm on the boat for 4 days. i get back and pack to go and find a couple of god-botherers have left pathetic comments. threatening me if i don't stop blaspheming and whinging.

i have a closer stickybeak, turns out all 3 are really one person, a dialup tpg account from the looks, and get this, he found my site searching for "bindy hilton". snigger

i love it, someone comes to my site, dedicated to me ranting, whinging, blaspheming if i feel like it, and generally writing idiotic things about my life. and they are looking for bindy hilton.

i can't stop laughing. frikken pathetic loser....snigger
i just wish i had better snark skills to really point out what a loser he is :-)

hmm, maybe he needs better snark skills as well. he can't point out what a loser i am with his shitty skillz.

sure i'm a loser too. it's a shitty site, and i whinge a lot. but read the bit on the top right. "don't bother reading it or coming here to find anything interesting". consider this the disclaimer and if you don't like it, i don't fucken give a shit.

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