Monday, April 05, 2004

monday, i'm over it.

i was grinning for a while, but mostly at the ludicrous-ness (if there is such a word) of it all. on friday our programmers were testing some new software that they want to install. it didn't work properly, so they bodged it up and rolled it out to a few hundred computers over the weekend.

along comes monday, surprise, surprise, surprise, it didn't work. the boss comes out and asks if i know anything about it. i tell him that i know nothing about it except it wasn't working when they tested it on friday, they didn't test it enough, and it stuffed up today. he told me that was the wrong answer. i had to think about that. does he mean that i'm incorrect? or that he doesn't like the answer i gave so i should rephrase it so that everything is rosy and gleaming? (rosy from being fertilised with pig shit and glowing from being polished with the same)

frikken programmers don't know how to fix it, they send us out to fix the damn things on everyone's computers. manually. only they don't tell us how or anything like that. we have to make it up as we go. story of my frikken life.

i went to the physio for my back, that was fun. a cute girly physio climbing all over me. rubbing my back, pushing my knees together and apart and all the rest of the black-fizzeo-magic that they get up to. i think i'll have to go back next week just in case i'm not cured yet :-)

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