Wednesday, April 07, 2004

hump day

another kooky day. glad it's over. a bit of a surf after work to blow the cobwebs from my head. then soccer training to make me work a bit. good for the body to punish yourself a little, and i love to run, flat out.

part of our training is sprint training, only they are short sharp sprints, and i suck at that. we get to the end of the sprint and i haven't hit top gear yet. oh well, more training to pick up my sprint starts. and ball skills.... HAH! christ i suck at this game. i rely on the element of surprise, if i don't know where the damn ball is going, i'm fairly sure my opponent also doesn't know. when in doubt, be unpredictable. chaos is good :-)

thursday is gonna be a big day. one more day to make a real dent in this project i'm working on, before i take a week off. so on the boat thursday arvo for 4 days, the following week off to spend with the kids. i am so looking forward to some time away from work!

hehehe nearly forgot. hamish and andy, on again tonight, even better than last week. i have actually found a telly show that i'll watch. wow. amazing. well apart from motor racing, but that's only if i'm near the telly and not working.

i'm just waiting to see if anyone tears shreds off it over on tssh. there's no reality shows on at the same time, poised to have their inherent stupidity exposed, but with the 20,000 other reality shows currently showing on australian television, their workload is pretty high. so they mightn't get around to it for some time. i'll have to watch and wait, and hope that hamish is stupider than andy when they do tear us apart hehehe (it's not important if you're stupid, as long as someone else is stupider so you can point at them and laugh hehehehe)

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