Wednesday, April 14, 2004


woohoo, woke up this morning, and didn't have to do anything. only my stupid personal clock has totally clued into 7:00am starts and i was so trashed i went to bed early last night. there goes any chance of a luxurious sleep in.

oh well, drag myself out of bed and take my time to get with the program. pick the grots up at 9:30 (wow, they're not ready, how surprising hehehehe) but the weather isn't so great, so we go and do some shopping. birthday presents etc...

a few hours later, the weather has turned lovely. so we grab the grot's surfboards and head for a sheltered location. unfortunately not sheltered enough, grot L doesn't want to get in the water because she has soccer training tonight (must be girl logic) and grot D tries for an hour to paddle out, without success. takes me about 15 minutes to paddle out, after half an hour i catch one wave and check that he's ok, about another 30 minute round trip to get out, and catch another wave back in. when i'm this stuffed my takeoff's don't work, so i'm thrown over the falls a few times trying to stand up. yes, i suck at surfing.

soccer training for grot L, then dinner and they watch the remainder of my sister's soapie (a reminder for me why i don't watch telly) then grot D's movie pick for tonight. agent cody banks. well done dude. now i'm gonna watch "the transporter" and have a little sleep in.

tomorrow is gonna be a big day :-) a big day of bludging and grooving. late start. surf. more bludging, soccer training for me (ok that's gonna hurt) and dancing for grot L. i should be a home dad. i love this :-)

wow, a day in my life on holidays. how boring.

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