Monday, April 19, 2004


5:00am, the alarm goes off. what the fuck? where am i? who am i?

drat. i went to sydney to visit a mate of mine and watch valentino rossi get up and win on a yamaha!! woohoo!biaggi can not be happy with that. it was a pretty good race too. and seeing as my mate has pay tv (40 channels and nothing to watch) we got to watch the 125cc and 250cc races as well. we planned to watch the superbikes afterwards but about half way through the first race i'd had enough and went to bed.

yesterday it seemed like such a good idea to go up in my sister and brother-in-law's mgb. and it was a fun trip. apart from bumper to bumper crap through kiama downs and albion park. the first shift of holiday makers going home, and the second shift coming down for the next week of school holidays. some poor fool's jaguar broken down (or just parked, i dunno) by the side of the road. this morning, it was burned out. what a waste. reminds me of when i used to drive out to hootersville (crookwell). one day there would be a broken down car on the side of the road, next morning, same car, no doors, bonnet, boot, windows, wheels. and if it was still there the day after, no engine, diff or seats. anyway it seemed like a fun idea, but this morning i could have done with a v6, heater and cd player.

i was worried i'd be a bit of a mobile chicane going up the freeway, but as it turns out this little engine loves to sing. overtaking everyone and having heaps of fun. until i worked out that 80mph is more than i thought it was and i slowed down. don't need to lose any more points on my license.

breakfast of champions, two cold hash browns from mcdonalds (stupid pricks, how hard is it to make food hot) and two redbulls. and i'm on my way. i missed the heater out of the crapmobile though. i'll never criticize it again (for at least a week anyway). had to put my shoes on for the drive home. i hate driving with shoes, and my double clutching doesn't work too good with shoes on either.

and back to work after a week off. crap. i want a sleep in! at least being away from home last night means i don't have to troll through everyone's blogs and see what drunken comments i left last night :-)

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