Friday, April 02, 2004

friday arvo

i'm sposed to be working on my project, but i'm mostly trolling the blogosphere to see if anyone has anything interesting to say last thing friday before i disappear for the weekend. then i leave idiotic remarks in people's comments that i find funny but no-one else understands (and they're not funny anyway)

at work they are having a farewell. everyone is gonna knock off early and have a few drinkies and listen to speeches and stuff like that. usually i take this opportunity (if i'm not working all weekend) join them and then party on at the local pub afterwards and install a monster hangover requiring a big sleep in, panadol and berocca. but after making a dick of myself at the christmas party i'm still in the sin bin. only a month to go!

and i just went and raided the canteen. i highly recommend working for a company with a canteen. ours is staffed by sympathetic cooks who will feed me the leftovers from lunch when i'm hungry.

bleah! back to trolling! (i mean working studiously hehehe)

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