Friday, April 30, 2004

finally friday

except i'll be at work tomorrow, yuck.

some of the girls sitting behind me were talking about a wedding one of them went to on the weekend. i am amazed not only at the amount of detail they remember about it, but the detail they are interested in anyway. from what the bride was wearing (which i suppose is a normal question) to what she wore there as a guest. and the speeches and blah blah

maybe because mine was so traumatic i've tried to block it from my memory. i don't want to go through that again. i'll be happy if i can find a girlie who just wants to live in sin (that's just a saying i don't follow any religious stuff)

the wind is howling and the grots want to go to the beach this arvo. that should be amusing, we're gonna freeze. hope there's some waves though. i could really do with a surf to unwind.

back to work (although i'm not blogging from work of course hehehe)

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