Thursday, April 01, 2004

drat, i thought i was on top of all this april fool shit. survived the toxic custard april fools challenge only to be seduced by Gianna's engagement announcement

in the words of my workmate (who rearranged the keys on my keyboard so the middle row revealed said words) "your a dick" dammit, i hate it when he does that hehehehe

in any case, the highlight of my day was caz's on the spin starts here betchers never thought of that. :-)

(crap, i just broke my frikken headphones)

whenever you're tired of life and feel like some snark, check out tssh, or perhaps the line of contempt. i won't be so bold as to suggest she gives tssh a run for their money, but it's pretty snarky none-the-less

is gettin old when it's only thursday (i never could get the hang of thursdays) and your day has been total crap, instead of blogging about what cool crap you've been upto, it's the cool blogs you've read, and, yet again, you're pissed as a nit?

my goal; to drink only fridays, saturdays and sundays.

reality; i'm managing about 1 alcohol free night a week. doh! oh well, homer (simpson) is my hero. (well actually, al bundy is my hero hehehehe it's gotta take years of practice to be that bad)

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