Saturday, April 17, 2004

beer is the answer. what was the question?

ok, survived soccer, with only a few bruises and sore bits. drat, i feel old. gotta really work hard this year to be faster and stronger. went for a 50/50 ball, and now my right foot is a sore, screwed unit. i remember being taught, never back off, you'll just hurt yourself and the other player, a lot. and he was right, but in our case the ball spat out like a bit of slimy soap and we clashed foot to ankle, doh! oh well, at least the other guy felt worse than me. i don't play to cause pain or be a shit, i just play hard and fair. he was good natured about it, and i said sorry.

it's like in cricket. if you stuff up (like i do, a lot) and throw a bean ball. you apologise. play hard but fair. and seeing as i'm a clumsy shit, i say doh! shit/fuck/doh! a lot and then say sorry if i have run over someone. we are unfortunately having fines for swearing this year. my coach is trying to stop us swearing in front of the spectators and kids (as he should). it's gonna be an expensive year!

and for those who are wondering about all the links on the side, they're for me. i open up my page, see if anyone has made a comment, then run down the list of links on the right. except for john howard's blog. i only click that when i get an email saying it's been updated. kinda like bookmarks. right-click, open-in-new-tab. and for all you poor internet explorer users, thats like open-in-new-window, except you don't get 50 icons on the taskbar. and don't even start me on xp's "group similar icons" cause thats just painful.

firefox (mozilla), the intelligent choice hehehehe

i did a tech course a few years ago, writing stuff for the web (ok it was called something else, but that's what it really was). not too exciting, more of a pointcha in the right direction. one of the things the teacher said was, never have links open in new windows. if the reader wants to do it, they'll do it. (also, never have music, it's just painful. if you must have it, let the user find the button to turn it ON, not off). and a few other things that i can't remember. eg: how the goddamn hell do i have links without underlines? i wrote it down somewhere, and buried it in the mire that is my computer room. ok, blogspot isn't the most exciting, and it does mostly what i want, but i don't got a lot of choices.

ok, enough boring shite for one day. down the pub for our therapeutic, after game, bbq and a few beers.

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