Tuesday, April 06, 2004

another day, another dinero

more of the same shit. i'm over my rant from the weekend. i'm just gonna have fun with it. and monday's rant as well.

our programmers seem to be suitably subdued after our over-the-weekend-fuckup. so i'm gonna stop piling shit on them (ok, i'll just do a little bit) and work through fixing the remaing 300 odd pc's with my, less ranting, teammates. my immediate boss had a little screwup as well, but as far as i'm concerned, that's par for the course, gotta un-fuck a situation on a weekend, and you make a syntax error, welcome to the world of computing. even if he'd got it all right, the rollout would have crashed on the runway. too many other fuckups. untested fuckups. i still giggle about it though. i wonder who set the due date for the rollout and how much of the subsequent, annoyed, seagull management from the bigger boss is due to arse covering. but that is probably my interpretation.

he's been pretty good so far, usually when he screws up, he does like i do, and holds up his and and says:" shit, i fucked up, thought this (gotta have a stupid excuse :-) ) and did this, and this happened. woops. i'm just curious who set the deadline we "had" to meet, and who was afraid to say "shit, it's still not right, let's squat on it a bit more, in case we lay a golden (brown) egg". sure blame is irrelevant after the fact (hmmm, maybe i should rename yesterday's title: "woops, i laid a golden egg"), but upgrades will happen. i don't feel like this shit again. and my favourite rant: frikken microsoft!!!!

after work, grot D says he'd rather surf than play squash, and SO.THE.FUCK.DO.I (dot fucken com dot au) got a coupla waves, the grot has really picked up after a week away at port stephens, and i'm feeling really comfortable sitting out the back with him picking off the right waves. ok, that sounded good, reality is, yes i'm comfortable, but i'm picking off any wave that i can get, which usually close out or i stuff up, and paddling out going: "shit, i shoulda waited for that wave" "what a perfect left" ect.... the grot is surviving getting pounded by a few waves (cause he can't duckdive for shit, yet) but he seems calm and happy. i was watching him catch a cool little wave and trying to egg him on with encouragement and shit, while not getting pounded by the same wave cause i was caught inside, paddling out. paddle paddle paddle! woohoo!! he had a grin on his dial from ear to ear.

surfing, cures all woes. easily the hardest sport i've ever tried, but the rewards are "totally excellent". (gotta stop quoting bill and ted!)

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