Thursday, March 11, 2004

wine appreciation 101

round to mum and dad's with a bottle of wine from my hunter valley winery trip last year. should be good for a free feed hehehe

dad drinks half a glass and pours it down the sink.

i survive 2 glasses (my wine limit anyway) and think it's as bad as everything else i've ever tried (like i'm a wine connoisseur anyway, and yes i looked that up). so back to beer (it's safer!)

then we are arguing about natural and synthetic corks. so i have to cut a bit off this one and burn it, and in the middle is fungus looking black bit, woops. no wonder it tasted funny, just shows i really have no taste. then we burn it, and yes i manage to stink the house out hehehe and yes, its a natural cork.

apart from that, today has been a bit of a "day that finished, and nothing traumatic or stupid happened" which is always a bonus :-D cause usually the stupid things that happen in my life are my fault!

i checked out this blog (waitress dreams) today, and her whole list of reasons NOT to post, "the blog promise", pretty much equalled the reasons i do blog. so beware. or in the immortal words of billy connelly, describing the queensland coast:

"the sign said, Beware!..... Stingers!"

picture Billy looking around the stage and jumping at imaginary threats "so I'm be-ing ware!"

anyway, her "blog promise":
1. I promise to post only when I have something to say.
2. I promise to try not to bore the shit out of you with my incessant whining.
3. I promise to keep my self-serving bullshit to a dull roar.
4. I promise that I'll never blog naked.

ok, i promise never to tell you if i blog naked! the rest? not a chance, that's all this is anyway!

music of the moment:

madonna - frozen

ok, yes, madonna, shoot me. i love her music, she is wierd yes, but i love her music.
this song reminds me of a woman i knew (and no, she was definitely not frozen). drat, another one that got away. shit.
anyway *grin*. it's very evocative to me, and so is she. you gotta listen to it the right way. but maybe you've also gotta be a boy. girls, hear the wrong bits. girls ears, girls eyes, they are very critical of themselves. while we boys just see and hear their lovely selves.

i hear the potential for loss, and the strength of love of this person who feels the loss. wanting, feeling, giving. i think if a girl can also feel like that, perhaps love is the thing we very different creatures have in common. and she always has very good, evocative, strong and powerful music. not like some of the painful singers lately who just like to hear their own voices.

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