Sunday, March 28, 2004

what a weekend. another cool group of divers, this time from canberra.

saturday morning started with a bit of drizzle, but didn't seem to dampen anyone's spirits, but by lunchtime the sun was peeking through the clouds. managed to get in 3 dives, including a night dive. shot heaps of photos, only a couple turned out, but that's pretty normal. the visibilty wasn't too great, about 10 metres, would have been more except for all the suspended snot in the water. finally managed to get a picture of a weedy sea dragon. i'll have to post it later. of course i was the only one who didn't get to see all the squid all over the place. doh!

sunday morning was lovely and bright, (urrgggghhhh bright lights, bright lights, where headache tablets!) and everyone had fun again. clear warm water. after their last dive they were all ecstatic, some of them were doing a photo course and they really had good conditions for it. on the last dive they managed to find a heap of red indian fish. these are quite difficult to find (well for me anyway) and they were all pretty pleased with themselves.

now i think i need a few drinks and some sleep! daylight savings finished today, so i get an hours sleep in tomorrow! yay!

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