Tuesday, March 02, 2004

well tuesday. not much to say about it. it's over, and i'm glad. of course after work is good. squash with kidlet number 2. i beat him but he's getting better. the little shit is starting to make me run and think about where i'm hitting the ball. fortunately he gets worn out after 2 games, so i play left handed and try and hit the ball to him, or easy shots he can run to. (no dobbing. i don't like letting the kids ever think i let them off. i want them to enjoy it when they beat me)

dinner at mum and dad's (relieved from my dish #2: stir fry) then home to tackle the chore mountain i've let build up. first chore, folding and ironing. and the only way to iron, is with at least a sixpack of beer and a video. the italian job (2). pretty good so far. it's been so long since i watched the original, i think i'll have to rewatch it next week, as an incentive to iron again!

and i'm super broke. managed to mismanage my finances the worst i've done in ages. gonna take me at least 3 months to dig myself out of this. that is, if i actually try to this year. the reason it is so bad is because i didn't want to last year, i was having too much fun. but then fun is good. i'm trying to restructure my fun to be cheaper. surfing is good, only i'm filling up the car nearly twice a week. gibber gibber whine whine. hehehe life is good, i don't give a shit about screwed up finances. i'll sort it out. it's gonna hurt. but in the meantime and while i do, still gonna have as much fun as i can.

and for the kid owning people out there, wanna know how to have fun? don't be spending $100 at some video arcade (well do it once, then never again) with the kids. keep a bag in the boot of the car. put a soccer ball, volleyball, frisbee, pump and a couple of tennis balls in there. you'll never be bored. i've got 30 year old mates i travel with occasionally, we always carry the same stuff. nuthin like playing with a tennis ball against the back of the rent-a-bus or with a frisbee. across a busy service station or in a deserted park.

before i inherited my instant family (still got it except for the wife) i never wanted to have kids. now i've got them, i'd never do it again without them. sure, they can be totally obnoxious, toxic, argumentative, painfull little shits. but they also can be the most fun. and if you aren't having fun, why are you here? i'm here to have fun.

ok, enough gibbering for one night. more ironing beckons!


watched the end of the movie. bellisimo. ok, a little too "everything fell into place" and "the good guys won" but i'm not interested in reality. that was good. although i do enjoy a little "everything gone wrong" in a movie. although my favourite doesn't instantly spring to mind. maybe a movie review when i watch it again and remember.

mem and dad blew me totally out of the water last night. we were talking about friends and friendship. dad reckons friendship is a myth. it's just about similar people able to enjoy each other's company. but i don't exactly buy into it. i love the whole social aspect of friendship. now that, after 35 years, i've finally got at least half an idea how to interact with other people. but back to the subject, they said that they're closest friends, were us kids. i kinda thought it would be some really cool old dudes from the past etc... but it's us. sure i love them because they are our parents, totally mad/unscrewed but now i've been forced to think of them in a different light. i hope my kids think of me the same way...

unscrewed: eg: some god botherer (apologies to religious people. we have nothing against whatever religion you enjoy. just don't give it to me. especially don't knock on my door to tell me about it) knocks on the door and he tries to convert them to buddhism.

pet rant. how rude is it, you knock on someone's door, and launch yourself into some frikken spiel that allows no interruption. polite people are forced to break their mold and tell these fuckers to leave. by JINGO, my ex nearly broke some dumb fucker's foot in the door. silly woman always didn't slam it hard enough. my favourite of course, was the lads who fed them hash cookies and made them sick. ok, they got in trouble etc... with the law. but i reckon, for the sake of the common man, it was worth it.

what do you get if you cross a hell's angel with a mormon?
someone who knock's on your door and tells YOU to get fucked!

oh yeah, where was i going. dad managed, by extreme ingenuity, to get himself black banned by the 2541 postcode stupid door knocking jehovah's witnesses, mormons, and jesus h christ knows whatever other crazy people with religious door knocking ideals. by crikey, i think a couple of vaccuum salesmen got scared away as well. simply, he would try and convert them to buddhism. he'd invite the poor suckers in. (didn't give them any hash cookies though) and he's a very enthusiastic speaker. they couldn't get a word in edgewise. frikken poetic justice. i've only had limited dealings with them. i consider myself a polite person, but i am forced to break my training to get these stupid fucks to shut up.
ok, i wouldn't have done the whole hash cookie bit. i don't like to interfere with another human, even if they are a stupid, painful, son of a bitch, who doesn't understand "NO, please leave and get the fuck off my property you scarey suit and tie wearing, insurance agent appearring, arsehole". how hard is it arseholes. push hard enough and we're gonna push back. be thankful this is the worst that's happened. unless you think that this isn't as bad as a couple of dumb fucks refusing to shut up and some rebels or hells angels have pounded the living shit out of them.

got a religion? wonderful. enjoy it. don't knock on my door to tell me about it. (ok i shouldn't drink, i'm yabbering like an idiot). but if i want religion. i will find it. if you come to find me, suggestive selling, be sure i'll shove it in your face.
anyway, they couldn't deal with it. i think they put some secret mark on the front gate. shit, maybe on the whole town. cause we only ever had two of them visit. ever. stupid frikken idiots. like as. if. you. would. ever. buy. a. religion. from. a. door. to. door. salesman!

when are door-to-door sales-people in season again? i need to renew my gun license.

(only edited slightly the next day. the crap that i write just amazes me)

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