Friday, March 12, 2004

well today certainly hasn't turned out as expected.

i got to work late, no big surprise there. anyway i'm bumbling my way through the day when a friend of mine rings up at around 9:30. "where are you?" he says. "I'm at work". "I thought you were going to come and pick me up?" he says.

woops, he's at the canberra airport. i thought he was arriving on sunday. drat and double drat. bugger off from work and get myself over there. i get there around 12:00 and we have lunch with a mate who lives over there, have a sticky beak at all the cute girlies wandering around the mall, then get in car and zoom back here to drop him off at his sister's house and get myself ready for work.

on the way over i had 3 get out of jail free experiences, 1st highway patrol guy isn't interested in me cause i'm only doing 120, the second one i saw before he saw me, cause he parked badly in the bushes and i could see the left side of his car before the radar doodad in front of him could line me up. stab brakes, breathe sigh of relief. the next one is booking someone else. hehehe

and the damn traffic, gees, every grannie and her old camper wagon was out on the road. and they have the manners of a 3 year old (ie: none) heaps of places where they can pull over to let the huge line of people thru, i mean, they are doing 30kmh in a 60 zone. i'd just watched the car in front of me do a suicidal overtaking maneouver 5 mins before, so it was no surprise to see him do it again to this particular one. as i overtook (finally) i had a sticky beak. some old fart, lost in space, mirrors? what mirrors. traffic? what traffic.

that's my whine for the day anyway. heaps of them on the way up and back.
time to get ready and go.

have a good weekend!!

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