Monday, March 01, 2004

summer is over?

drat! it's the first of autumn, i want it to be summer still! i was so busy havin fun that autumn crept up on me.
but the weather is still nice, so i'm going to the beach.

and i've finally managed to get my winter surfing buddies sorted out. my 2 kids. the only problem is that i have to buy them wetsuits and maybe a new surfboard. we just went out and had a little paddle. ok, the waves were crap, the wind is blowing onshore and making it into a huge mess. but they both seemed to enjoy themselves and had cheeky little grins when it was time to take them home.

only now i've had to head back to work to fix something that stuffed up on the weekend. ok, it was my fault it stuffed up, because i had a huge hangover at work on friday and completely forgot to do something important. doh! i hate it when i stuffup like that. even worse is when you don't remember until you are lying in bed on a monday morning, pondering pressing the snooze button on the alarm clock and going to work late. then you are wide awake out of bed and yelling abuse at yourself as you madly try to get ready and get to work and unstuff it. drat drat drat.

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