Tuesday, March 23, 2004

stupid bunnies

driving home from this padi update seminar doodad, and in the middle of the road is some kind of animal, so i slow down and then stop. stupid bunny then proceeds to run round and around in circles before heading off the side of the road. hmmm, they are vermin, drat, shoulda ran over it. oh well. no good to kill stuff indiscriminately.

a couple of k's further up the road, a fox runs across the road. sure i usually go through the world with blinkers on, but these and a couple of dead ones on the side of the road are more than i ever see. so i actually drive home at and under the speed limit for the first time in ages. the last thing i need is to hit a wombat or a kanga-walla-thump and tear half the front of the car apart. it's falling apart under me as it is.

finally finished my damn divemaster assignment. i am so frikken happy to see the end of it! now of course it's more money, for application, membership fee, yearly insurance, etc... oh well. it's a good career thingy, even if i don't do much with it, i've learned enough from it to be better at, and get more fun from, my weekend job.

money... bleah!!

now just got to sort out what the hell i'm doing with all these trips that are on offer this year, like which one to go on, cause i can only afford one of them :-( (well i can't afford either, but i'm gonna do one anyway hehehe)

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