Tuesday, March 16, 2004

spanish bombings and me havin a sulk

how terrible is it. we have forgotten so soon about 200-ish people and made them into a political statement.
on the political statement, i prefer the aussie line that i've seen so far. we appreciate that it is a potential "seen-as-a-terrorist-win" situation, but don't buy into the popular news crap and see the potential that not only might zapatero have won anyway, he might actually be the best man for the job. when commenting on others blogs i missed out saying that a lot of voters were actually annoyed with the current govt because they lied to them in what seemed as an obvious electioneering stunt. stating that the bombings were eta rather than admitting they didn't know where they'd originated from.
gees, who believes terrorists anyway, they could have been eta but the al querrido claimed responsibility for the confusion factor.

200 dead people.i couldn't give a flying fuck if they were spanish, vietnamese, innuit or even...even... yankees. they were just people, lives and loves, potential to enjoy themselves and harm noone. fuck fuck. i can't even think of a decent swear word or phrase that says how fucken annoyed i am. everyone dies anyway, and some fucken stupid tool with no frikken idea of happiness, love or fun has removed this chance from them. i curse you, your name, and whatever fucken afterlife you believe in. i hope you burn in hell for a shitload to make you realise what a fucken arse you are.
but not for eternity and i don't even believe in hell anyway. i dunno what i believe in. i'm just venting. fuck. i wish the stupid stupid stupid, ignorant, dumb, ok, really really dumb, like, so dumb that they can't think of cause an effect, or even love their own children, dumb fucken pricks who promote this shit, convince some impressionable young 17 yr old to go and blow themselves up, will get, like, at least a year or so of burning in hell type annoyance. even if it's just having to work on the fucken helpdesk for a year for penance.

none of them old buggers do the suicide bombing shit do they? even if they do, GAH! it's such a nasty evil piece of work, i feel like vomiting.

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