Saturday, March 06, 2004

saturday sulk

well the only thing today had going for it was that it is saturday. there's no swell so i can't go for a surf. it's raining so the kids are stuck inside. and i'm still working on my stupid divemaster assignment. i will be so happy to see the end of it.

pizza for dinner then a dvd with the kids. "what a girl wants". it's my daughter's turn to pick, can't you tell? we've had it before though, it's not too painful. she likes to get movies she knows are good, even if that means getting the same one again. i think next time it should be my turn again :-)

the forecast for tomorrow isn't very good. more rain. oh well. i usually don't moan about the weather, i'm just irritated about this assignment. they are also saying that the swell will be huge tomorrow. which just figures. today is too small for me to surf, tomorrow will be too big! doh!

oh well, somewhere will be ok. try out my new wetsuit. or go where it's big and take a few pics of the loonies going out in big seas, and help out with the clean up australia day. the dive club likes to do something a little different, and do an underwater cleanup. this year they are cleaning out the fishpond at the lady denman museum, plus the surrounds as well. i've got the kids and won't be diving, so me and the tin lids will just be picking up rubbish that's lying around.

on the bright side, salam has resurfaced safe and sound.

back to your regular scheduled broadcast.

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