Sunday, March 14, 2004

the rain in spain, falls mainly,..... on the dirt

another super groovy weekend.

a friend of mine has been trying to talk me into moving to sydney and making money for ages. of course it involves long hours, selling real estate, working weekends, and having mid week days off.

well that's ok, but mid week days off makes it hard to get the kids. and to be perfectly honest, i'm flying at the moment. life doesn't get much better than this i think. i mean, i'm really enjoying myself. sure i'd like to have a special girlie to enjoy it with (no ambiguity here, i don't want a "significant other" i want a girl who likes having the same fun i do, and yeah, can put up with my annoying traits)

but life is good. i'm seeing the kids more often than ever, and they love spending time with me. that alone makes me stop and think. grot D has been more interested in other things, until recently, but now we're making a real bond. and kid L, who loves to spend time with me always, is starting to mature a little i think, and i'm excited (ok and a lot scared) about them reaching maturity. i can't be away from this. job, work, whatever. these little dudes really make my little world go round.

my "pay the bills job" is getting more and more bearable. good workmates, which is probably the only reason i've stuck it out this long. fortunately they don't read this so i can praise them without fear. they are super cool, one dude is still coming out of his shell, been a bit painful up to now, but now he's decided to fit in, and actually be painful, he's more fun. go figure. one has returned after a brief stint with a contractor to another company, saw the light and returned to the good side of the force, and the others, well, extroverted, semi-crazy, bright, and i mean really bright, lunatics. eg: monday morning, i'm feeling like shit, lunatic no 1 arrives, he's brought red bull, we drink, cokes in fridge, we drink, throw stress balls, shoot rubber bands, gibber gibber. hehehehe

and my weekend work is really really groovy. when i first started weekend work on a live-aboard dive boat, it was cool and different. and then when i found my feet, after a while i felt like, sunday arvo? ok, i'm ready for my own bed, sleep and to go home. but another deckie, "aka super tart" has learned me different. i could easily do 20 days straight i reckon, i just get in the groove, and enjoy the moment, and then it's time to go home now. and with the group we had this weekend Dive 2000, i'd stay on for over a month. ok, it's hard yakka, by the end of the day, you're stuffed, but you press on, 11:30 (or maybe 2:30) you fall asleep. every morning you are worn out, but it is so much fun, you have to continue!

my face is sore this afternoon, i've been laughing all weekend. good company, interesting diving (ok snorkelling, my hand has not yet healed), meeting interesting people, cute chikies. cute chickies running through the boat in bikinis, but really, they are just wonderful people. Kevin and Cherie Deacon, the people who own Dive 2000 and the funnest, coolest, grooviest people. If you're in Sydney and you want to go diving, go and find them and go diving. if you want an overseas holiday, well after finding out what we're doing, find out what they are doing. it's always something cool.

ok, this weekend. the weather is a little overcast. the sun pokes thru occasionally, but the water is still lovely, and very clear. over the weekend the divers see some small grey nurse sharks, eagle rays, all sorts of nucibranchs, rays, angel sharks, juvenile blue devil fish, etc... after each dive these divers come up and say, "that was the best dive ever" only to change their mind the next dive.

Kevin is running an underwater photo course. this guy is easily in the top 5 of the australian underwater photographers, arguably number 1 or 2. his students, or when we do a photo competetition, the competitors, always learn a lot. and he has the coolest stories, i have to take a tape recorder on next time and prime him with a few drinks so i can write them down. i don't give a shit about getting rich, but sharing these wonderful yarns! awesome!

i spend only a little time on the scooter. should have been none, each time the sore on my finger opens up, but i have to go for a zoot. buzzing divers, annoying fish, and generally enjoying the clear water and life in general.

heading back to huskisson to drop off the divers, we have dolphins cruise in and ride our bow wave for absolutely ever. they are so cool. ok, thats cool, i could lay here for hours, and then this bombshell cute chicky comes up and lays on the deck next to me to watch them also. crap, what do i watch? cool chicky? cool dolphins? i try to strike intelligent conversation, but i'm not real good at it. watch cool dolphins playing and fighting in the bow wave of the boat.

life, be in it. this really makes my weekday work look bad! i have this feeling, life is good. and it can only get better. i'm waiting with baited breath to see how.

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