Sunday, March 07, 2004

playing in the sand

well today was fun. watched 3 of our diveclub members fishing out rubbish from the fish pond at the lady denman museum. lots of big fish in there, big flathead, blackfish, bream, flounder, and other fishy type fish. 3 divers, 3 digital cameras, gonna be a lot of pictures turn up out of this.

a fair bit of garbage as well. fishing line (fishing is not allowed, but people still try), plastic bags, babies dummies would you believe, and a swizzle stick, among other things.

then off to mum's for a bbq, then out to the beach for soccer training. running on the beach. sounds good. doh! first a gentle warm up jog on the beach. gasp gasp, stretch. then jog back, gasp gasp gasp. we are running around a square, then some sprint training. we have to be the first to pick up a plastic cone about 20 metres away. the first time no-one else is running for my cone, and the second, and the third. shit i'm stuffed. if you get one you should be allowed to stop. the first time i have to actually race someone for a cone i am beaten. thank god.

then we have a game of touch footy on the beach, one of the sidelines is the water. then a game of soccer with one of those oversized tennis balls. someone kicks the ball to me high, i'm going to head it, i wait, and wait, and move to head it, and it stops in the air and i miss it completely, it bounces past my knees. doh!

i was going to go for a surf afterwards, but i'm too tired, and the surf is too big! so i went home and went to church instead (the local rsl club for a few beers, otherwise known as the sunday sippers)

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