Tuesday, March 30, 2004

just another stupid day

i know it's not gonna be a good day when i wake up thinking it's wednesday, when it's still only tuesday.

on the good side though, got nothing on, on tuesday arvos. time for the beach. the bad side is that daylight savings has gone. i don't like surfing late in the evening, it is feeding time for the critters. sure i don't have to drag my hungover, blurry, lazy self out of bed early in time to get to work (assuming i make it on time anyway) but i love that extra hour in the water. usually i am so stuffed from paddling (you know the story, always in the wrong place at the wrong time, paddle out, paddle in, doh!) that i am out of the water long before the sun goes down. but tonight the sun had disappeared behind the trees on the shore and the moon was bright when i caught the last wave.

ok, that is partially (ok totally, no point blaming huey or mama nature for my shitty surfing skills) my fault. i said, next wave i go in. and i stuffed around, missed a coupla good waves, fiddle fiddle, fart fart, finally get a wave. huey only sent me about 10 good, "go-home" waves and i finally got the last one!

tested out my new el-cheapo steamer suit. it's too damn hot for this time of year. it may be cheap and nasty, but i have to either bite the bullet and buy a new springsuit, or just wear my old steamer, which not only doesn't float, but leaks like a sieve and acts like a sea-anchor sometimes when i duck under a wave and the zip comes undone. drat

listening to: orbital: technologicque
oh shit, no i'm not, it's good, but moby: landing has just come on. check the xxx soundtrack :-)

time to sign off and write to my sponsor kid. i am such a lazy shit. i'll type a thousand words before i write a hundred. but there is no way this little dude is gonna get internet access for a while yet.

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