Monday, March 08, 2004

just another manic monday

well i shouldn't complain, hows that. the best monday i've had in, um, a bit.

must have been someone's "have a good week wishes" cause i'm having a good week and determined to hang on and enjoy the ride.

7:15am: alarm clock goes off, no worries, i've set it for 6:45, i can snooze a bit. woops, no you didn't, you set it for 7:15, ah stuff it, snooze anyway.

7:25am: 10 mins later, it goes off again, snooze for 10 mins...

7:45, hmmm, maybe i should get out of bed. after all, i do start at 8:00! get out of bed, shower, brekkie, dress...

fortunately in a complete frenzy of being enthusiastic and stuff, the ironing is all done. trousers, shirt, all ready to go, tie with silly fish on it and i'm ready to go. go to car to go to work, get out of car, take surfboard out of car and put in house, get back in car, go to work.

8:30, arrive at work.... woops.

ah stuff it, mondays are meant to be painful, so i throw myself immediately into work. lets see now, scan all the cool blogs i read each morning, read the online comics, fix the backup tapes, then the deluge starts. apart from all the stuff i should have been doing, one of the departments at work has moved or reshuffled or something. like this one girl, she's been moved to a new desk, 2 weeks later, they move her again. i love it.

usually i try and fix everything by remote control. that way i can troll the net while i work. but i've managed to find a few that won't play today, so up and down the stairs like a yoyo. i don't want to stay up there because they are all so busy and enthusiastic, i'm getting worn out watching the silly buggers.

then down and up the stairs to the goddamn computer room because the backups are giving me grief, and some loony has deleted something he shouldn't, and some other loony has a corrupt word document (wish the silly pricks would coordinate their stupidity, save me a trip to our offsite backup location, 4 trips in total). whatever, i don't care, it's nicer out of the office than in it. i've got to drive to our offsite storage to retrieve the tapes to do the job, and its nice out. the sun is shining, people are smiling. don't they know it's monday!? sick people!!

note to self: be nice to stupid applications developers (latest frikken desc. for programmers). i've had to ask one of them to setup a new user for some application. surprise surprise surprise, there's no documentation so i can't do it. (when you write these dumb apps, write a frikken interface so i can add new users)(shit, i hope they don't read this) gotta get them to modify a stupid database, whatever, like i care. but he has this cool tie. i go: "oh wow, you've got a jetson's tie?" he says "you like it? you can have it". woohoo! (ok, he did owe me a tie after i gave him this stupid musical christmas tie for a christmas party, it matched my own hehehehe)

it's now i realise this is a cool monday, and a cool monday, means a cool week. me and my new jetsons tie, we are going places. imagine the noise of the little jetsons' flyer thingy everywhere i go today. pity only the gay guy in the canteen noticed it. drat! not even this cool chicky who likes my dumb digital photos notices. (no i haven't inflicted my scooter pic on her yet, it's easier to annoy people online who i don't know, and siblings who troll the site, hehehe sorry).

have you ever been talking to someone, and had to constantly hit rewind and go back and replay, cause you're watching their eyes, and her eyes are flicking from my left eye to my right eye and back again, over and over, and i keep forgetting what i'm saying, and they are blue eyes... gibber gibber, i am an idiot.

ok, work manages to disappear in a haze of normal stupidity, but i don't care, i'm cruising and having fun. knock off time, i finalise a couple of chores i'm working on, and contact a few people so the others can be sorted out first thing tomorrow.

in the commondore and i'm out of here. dump craptop, work clothes, pick up surfboard and clothes and head for the beach. ok, point A is crap, but it's blowing north-easter, perfectly expected. (drat drat drat, blowing west in town, how cool would that have been, anyway....) pick up grot number 2 who is mad keen to come for a paddle, head for surf spot B.

the good thing about this spot is that the surf (which is big at the moment), is usually always a bit smaller, especially when its ne swell, plus if the wind is ne, it's not onshore, but kind of across shore, so you have to paddle against the wind or when you get out you have to walk about a kilometre to get back to the track through to the car. grot 2 has a great time and catches some waves. i surf like normal, ok that's shit, but i'm having fun, i don't care.

get out, and run into a mate from the diveclub, he's been out for a surf too. yack a bit about surfing and diving, and stuff. later dude, drive out. look at watch, oops, shit, doh! get on phone to ex, we're on the way! fortunately when we get there she's not pissed off so we avoid a nasty moment and all is cool.

round to mum's for a beer and a yack. grandma is there so while mum and dad are going on a bit i get some cool yarns about body surfing in the 30's and other grandma stuff. grandma isn't gonna be with us forever, she's 87, err, 87ish, had a heart bypass doodad (out of hospital in 3 or 4 days, i kid you not, she is tough) and has been through it all. but, well ok i'm selfish, i don't want to see what happened with the other grandparents. i never got to hear them tell me about their lives. the cool stuff they got upto. her husband was the only one i heard much from, but only for a coupla weeks a year. now she lives down here i want to tap into all that history and stuff. otherwise i'll only get mum and dad's version. sure that's ok, but mum's mum (other grandma) corrected her a few times, and dad's mum (this one) has got some cool yarns. i'll have to write some down.

groovy day. fun at work, jetson's tie, surfing with the grot, chillin with me nan. how good is that. to quote michael caton: "how's the serenity". the rest of the week is gonna be good.

oh too cool. grot number 2. ok, lets say D, has just rung up. he'd rather surf tomorrow than play squash if it's nice. woohoo!

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