Wednesday, March 31, 2004

hump day over again

and thank the gods for that. my project is being very painful, and so is the boss. i mean, he wants results and he wants them yesterday.

so after work i went for a drive in my sister and brother-in-law's mgb. it's a great way to unwind. not as good as going for a surf though, but definitely up there. only i never drive it with the top on. stuff that. if the weather is bad so i can't take the top off, then it stays in the shed. :-)

played soccer tonight, played like shit, but that's ok. i'm the oldest on the team so i'm allowed to.


my sister has just come in to tell me my show is on. get this, it's called hamish and andy, or something like that. i have to break with anonymity (until this scrolls of the page into blog world's /dev/null) and say that's mine and my brother's names. so we have been ringing up each other 5 mins telling each other how much the opposite character sucks etc....

and someone i know is gonna hate this, they just did a frikken pretend interview of paris and nicki hilton, and there was a bindy hilton in there as well. it's a bloody crac!

and they started off with my pet hate :-) they said they were going to do a reality show, but apparently there is a law on australian tv, there can only be 20,000 reality shows in one year, so they just missed out.

ok, maybe it's not funny, i don't care. i think it's funny. well mostly funny. it's better than when russell gilbert did his show anyway.

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