Wednesday, March 24, 2004

hump day!

maybe i need a new title for today :-)

another day, another whinge. my back is playing up, sulk sulk, whine whine. physio tomorrow for repairs.

friends of mine want me to go with them on a ski trip to new zealand this year, i want to go to, but being in my usual state of financial disrepair i can't afford to do that, and go to the uk to visit my sister as well. gotta pick one or the other, so i'm going to the uk. really gotta learn how to budget again.

i'm trolling the net looking for cheap "around-the-world" flights cause a mate of mine reckons he has got one of them for about $1300 and he just picks 5 stops. i could stop in en-zed for a ski, switzerland (finally worked out which country in europe that starts with an "s") to visit a friend who is moving there, the uk, and 2 other spots.

definition of probably turned into an alcoholic over christmas:
has one middy of beer at the club before coming home, no problem. drinks the last remaining beer in the fridge. drinks the last glass of wine out of sister's "chateau le-cardboard" wine. then finds some port and has a glass of that. woops!

wednesday morning, wakes up, hmmm, alarm hasn't gone off yet, can still sleep. glance at alarm clock, 7:50am (and i start at 8:00). DOH! oh well, late again.

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