Wednesday, March 17, 2004

hump day again

it's all downhill and cruising from here. i'm taking the rest of the week off, don't feel like working :-)

my friend is over from south australia and tomorrow we're going to have a game of flog (that's golf spelt and played backwards). i usually play about once every 2-3 years. usually with my brother. his golf bag holds, not only golf clubs, but a full case of beer, plus ice. we go out to coolangatta and play their 9 hole course. he reckons you can go around and around as many times as you want. so we do. we go round once. after that i'm all flogged out for another few years. and i only take 9 or 10 golf balls so i've run out of balls as well.

then i've gotta go to the nations crappy capital to drop him off at the airport, try and get in a surf somewhere in between, then friday about lunch i'm leaving with another group to go to port stephens diving for the weekend. gonna try and catch up with the pro dive mob up there while we're at it. they were on the boat about a month ago, and they really know how to party :-) hello hangovers!

damn, one of the guys here just got me a beauty. i'm meant to be listening to the help desk phone (and answering it if it rings) while the help desk lady is off doing something. so i'm lost in my own little world and i hear this ringing, oh shit! i'm meant to be answering that, so i pick it up and it's one of the other techs, he just says: "you're a dick!" drat! got me! so they all have a lovely giggle at my expense.

oh yeah, and happy st patrick's day! i hope everyone remembers to wear green. ok, i don't have much green, so green undies and green socks! and a few guiness at the pub after work :-)

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