Wednesday, March 10, 2004

hump day again

i'm really good at thinking up titles aren't i (not).

we broke in the stress balls today with a lovely little stress ball fight. me and my co-worker who'd collected them all started it off by throwing about 10 of them at our other co-worker who'd managed to get only one. so that gave us a bit of a giggle, pity the boss was looking over the partition at the time....ooops....

oh well, went to the hospital to get a second opinion on my finger, no stiches (thank god i hate needles) but got little breathable sticky things all over it. no surfing until it's better, and no diving either. i can take it off for a lookie on saturday, but if it's not better, wait another week.

oh well, we're going away diving the following weekend, i'll just have to whinge and moan on here in the meantime hehehe

now for soccer training...(expect whinging and moaning update about being old unfit)

ok, i'm not going to whine about being old. i survived. i'm a bit stiff and sore but i'll live. a few coldies are making me feel rather mellow.

hehehe just put a couple of beers in the freezer to get cool :-) my sister (house and fridge/freezer owner) has made me use a portable timer so i won't forget them!

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