Monday, March 29, 2004

how many times must i tell myself.... if it aint broke, don't fiddle with it!

i thought: "i'll just republish my blog to a different location, then change it back, no worries..."

eventually managed to get it to post to the new location, but when it came time to change back it got the shits and wouldn't publish. shit shit shit shit damn bloody

fortunately after logging off and logging back on again the damn thing fixed itself. (don't fiddle, don't fiddle don't fiddle, mumble mumble)


well that was fun. up to the gong for a bit of a climb at hangdog climbing gym, then thai afterwards. pity about the long drive home afterwards. i should have robbed a bank on the way home, got no fingerprints left after sanding them all off with my shitty climbing technique. i finally got rid of one of my excuses for poor climbing as well, i bought some new climbing shoes. it's always important to have a ready made excuse for climbing badly. i'll have to think of a new one

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