Wednesday, March 03, 2004

cyclone sex, and cyclone parties

ok, everywhere else in the world, i think that if a cyclone is coming, they just try and live it out. but not our Niki. she is a prime example of how our west australians, who have been being swamped by tropical cyclone monty (i reckon we should go back to the old method and name them all after girls) deal with the situation. they either go to cyclone parties, or my favourite, stay home and drink alcohol, eat junk food, watch DVDs and have Cyclone Sex.

i just love that. like i have this mental image. the house is in chaos, like a cyclone has been through it, and they are lying in the middle of it all, totally exhausted, and afterwards they apparently have the "cyclone cigarette"

but the phrase, "cyclone sex" really does it for me. i can just repeat it over and over. cyclone sex, cyclone sex, cyclone sex. why aren't i having cyclone sex?

if you've got a sec and want a giggle. read her blog. it's frikken hilarious. i should stop reading it at work (but i won't) because of the funny looks i get when i'm giggling and reading it. (cyclone sex, cyclone sex, cyclone sex)

i wonder, is it allowed to promote someone else's blog? oh well, i don't give a shit. get over there and check it out. it's a crac. and then when you're bored of that you can check out a canadian girl with a sense of humour and some snark in her as well. and if you really love snark, cruise on over to The Spin Starts Here very snarky, and extremely funny. Make sure you have protection though, if it's not on, it's not on, they love hurling abuse all over the place. and for the cultured people, booze and blogging, check out Jonas' blog pretty cool. laid back and interesting.

i like to read heaps of others, keeps me amused for the first 1/2 hour at work hehehehe. i'd be worried that the other blogs i read (see the thingy on the right) would get upset that i didn't promote them too, but no-one reads me anyway hehehehe but hey, don't forget our new yorker K-Dogg got a link from there to his new photoblog. pictures from a kooky scarey place (usa)

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