Tuesday, March 09, 2004

another cruisy day

managed to get to work late again, c├ęst la vie. accomplished a bit, didn't fall further behind.

finish work, ok, it's hot. and there's a hot westerly wind blowing, and the car is an oven. pick up grot D from maccas, grab surfboard and head to the beach, picking up grot L on the way, she wants to come for a paddle.

we find a nice little spot (with nice little waves so the paranoid parent doesn't worry about not being able to see grots from behind the breakers) and paddled out. L says she got dumped by 2 huge waves. ok, they were tiny, but that's ok, she survived and had fun and stuff. D has had fun also, so all in all a successful afternoon.

drop off the kids, i'm on time so no stress there, and head back to smellsville where its hot and sticky. chore number one, clean out beer from freezer where some silly git left a few beers in there to chill and forgot all about them, on friday last week doh! then service scuba gear, which is ready for it's annual service (performed once every 3 years usually) so i can go diving this weekend.

veg out, sleep.


stupid frikken klutz. shit damn bloody.

getting right in to the whole fridge cleaning business, getting out glass and semi frozen beer, no worries. go to grab a piece of ice and drag it out, and lo and behold there's a shard of ice in there and i stab my goddamn self in the base of my ring finger. (oh well don't need the frikken thing anyway)

so i ring up the on call rent-a-quack. of course my real doctor isn't the on-call doctor tonight, so i spend 5 mins trying to understand some indian guy. i give up and go and see mum'n'dad. no worries they reckon, band-aid'll fix it. don't need stitches.and their gibbering and carrying on. do i want dinner? (while mum is sticking bandaids on and dad is poking my damn finger) no thanks. got stuff to do. sure you don't want dinner? ect ect.... and then it's getting a bit much. i'm feeling a little light headed like the last time i had blood taken after somone smashed me off my motorbike. so i escape with my life and my finger.

i was gonna be good this week. start my whole "no drinking during the week program", geez even my brother has managed to start it. (cause i've been a bit naughty since christmas, now in the mornings i troll thru the blogs i read to make sure i didn't post any stupid comments under the influence - well more stupid/lame than normal)

but screw that, i feel like a tooheys or two!

more update:

fuckety fucken fuck fuck fuck

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, shit damn bloody

oh well, stupid fucken fridge needed defrosting anyway, fuck it. fuck fuck fuck.

ok *grin* back to your regular scheduled broadcast now i've got all that out
(drat, probably gonna get a heap of hits from people surfin for pron now)

another stupid update:
according to mr gooley, my yr 7 or 8 (or both) science teacher, the sharpest knife we have is freshly broken glass. fuck. fuck. fuck. shit.
when i was a kid we had topics that were banned from dinner table discussion (probably too long winded and painful for parents), included pool stories (like: when i was at the pool i dived so far and swam underwater so long ect...) and most importantly, mr gooley stories. it got banned when i had him, then again as the siblings filtered through hehehe one of the world's repositories for tall stories, useless information, and mad fun ways to teach kids. eg: learning wave motion by stretching the shit out of a slinky from one end of the lab to the other, and making waves, or blowing up hydrogen and oxygen balloons in the middle of the science block.

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