Monday, February 23, 2004

yet more pain caused to people, in the name of religion, peer pressure or other crap

my rambling crap about Celestial Blue's comment on yet another bus bombing in Israel

please be patient, it's long and rambling. feel free to shoot me down, i'm ignorant, and verbal offence draws no blood. if you find this offensive, let me know. i just wanted to say what i thought and my extra long rambling crap doesn't belong in someone else's comment's box.

unfortunately what you have said in your comments is similar to what my father says: religions have caused more bloody wars than anything else in history.
(please don't take this the wrong way, although i don't have a religion, the last thing i would suggest to anyone, ever, is that they give up their religion. it's a very personal and special thing i think)

instead of worrying about keeping your faith, pity these poor, impressionable kids who commit these atrocities. their culture breeds these actions, and unfortunately, i think only the young and impressionable are carrying them out, under pressure from the older, jaded, unhappy influences.

i also think it is wrong to think that all palestinians are happy about this pain that has been caused. like anywhere in the world, there are always rational, sensible people who just want to live their lives and be happy, unfortunately there is also the unhappy people stuck in a cycle of stupidity (ok, violence, but i also think they are stupid for staying in it)

i'm searching for a link to a news article i read once, where palestinian and israeli parents met weekly for their kids to play together, in the hope that they could break the cycle and their kids would learn to accept each other. a very brave step i thought, because there is a very real potential for these kids to be hated by their own respective peoples for even trying.

there are no easy answers of course. i think i am only venting my frustrations, sorry. and if i have spoken from ignorance and managed to offend someone, please accept my apologies in advance. no offence intended. do you know, when they were considering founding israel, it was also considered at the time to locate the state of israel in western australia. despite the shallow thinking of the australians of the time, by now i think it would have been a very happy place. (and the diving would have been very nice also)

i wonder what ghandi would have done. of course it is a completely different situation. but i like the quote: "an eye for an eye only leaves the whole world blind". i wonder how we can teach this to people who's lives are rooted in violence and anger.

but i like what you have to say Hasidic Gentile "We have to carry on doing better to ourselves and each other and repair the world", i'm sorry if that is out of context.

and yeah, i'm off that high

a peace hotline people able to make this connection, during what is virtually a war. is _more_ poignant than allied and german forces playing soccer during world war 2

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