Tuesday, February 17, 2004

woohoo, finally got around to connecting to the net again. instead of dialling into work and using their crappy connection. dodo internet. watch out though, it's one of those extremely annoying sites with music that plays while viewing the page. i had my headphones plugged in, and didn't realise until i unplugged them and the speakers were turned up, bleah!!! so everyone says, hmmm, looking at the dodo internet page are we? cause it's the same music as on their very annoying tv ad.
but anyway, i'm connected, now just gotta fix my computer up a bit and get rid of the bits that it needs for the firewall at work. so i'm sure i'll be turning up at work bleary eyed a few times this week now that i have decent access at home again. although maybe they won't be able to tell the difference hehehehe been a few late nights these last few weeks.
i can't play on it tonight though, travelling to visit a friend of mine before she goes overseas. she's going to sweden or switzerland or some country in europe that starts with an "s" to visit her boyfriend. she met him while he was travelling over here, and now she wants to see if it'll all "work out". so she's as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof, she flies out on thursday and has been going crazy with all the last second things she has to do. (like get her passport!)

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