Sunday, February 08, 2004

what a great weekend. i was working on the diveboat this weekend, but didn't stay onboard on friday night as i had to go to a farewell for a mate of mine. only by the time i got there he had already gone home. he'd drunk too much, too quickly, and was home at 10:00. well the rest of the party kept going without him and we had a few drinkies and danced to the music. a pretty good night.
up at sparrow's fart so i can get on the boat to help get breakfast ready. seems like a pretty good group this weekend. happy friendly people with a sense of humour! always a good combination. the conditions were really good also. 20 degree water (celcius), visibility around 30 metres. it looked very blue and inviting.unfortunately no diving for me though as i've got a cold and am all blocked up. but when they go for the second dive i jump in and go for a snorkle. some others on the boat who didn't dive the second dive thought i knew what i was doing (hah!) and followed me. fish everywhere, garfish, mado, sweep, gropers, chromas, blackfish. unfortunately being all blocked up i couldn't snorkle down very far. my ears screamed at me as i couldn't clear them, and if i managed to clear them a bit, when i got back to the surface the took ages to pop again.
but it was so great. temperate water diving is the best (well except for wreck diving!). i took the underwater scooter and snorkelled all over the place. this really cute girl on the boat who couldn't dive this weekend was snorkelling with me. she was holding onto my fins as we zoomed all over the place. (note to self: girles snorkelling in bikinis are the best!)
divers in, divers out, fill tanks, divers in, divers out, fill tanks, serve lunch, wash dishes, siesta. i am stuffed. divers in, divers out, fill tanks, dinner. night dive. they have a blast. they come back with really cool stories. some of them have seen a grey nurse shark, others have seen a large wobbegong. big rays, exotic fishies. they are high on life and i'm loving it. fill some tanks and wash some dishes. party time! we leave a big light on at the back of the boat and see what cool things come to the back of the boat. fish, squid, penguins. sometimes boring, usually interesting.
i've managed to (again) damage myself. one of the delightful ladies on board is doing fingertip chinups. so i try to get her to do 3 and then 2 finger (on each hand) chinups. and then i do a 2 finger chinup without warming up. doh! i should have more sense. one day.
the navy is around tonight as well. a few kiwi ships and 4 of ours, plus some submarines. one submarine is smoking heaps, i wonder if they've put too much oil in the fuel for the outboard :-) i've never seen a submarine here before (only on the telly) and i want them to do cool stuff, like submerge and then come up really fast and make like a whale breaching. but they are boring. the other ships all put their lights on, we figure the population of the area has probably doubled. there are so many lights from these boats, it's like a city on the water. little liberty boats zooming all over the place, no doubt taking sailors to the pub/mess/whatever at the nearby naval base. the submarines park, or maybe anchor, i don't know. perhaps they have to have an anchor (and have life jackets and an oar and a bucket to bail in case they get inspected by the msb hehehehe). anyway, the submarines park a long way away from all the other ships. perhaps they smell :-D anyway in the morning one of them has disappeared. i wonder it submerged and snuck out, or just motored out on the surface while we were all to drunk to know.
we play a board game called "big brother". apparently it's nothing like the telly show, which i haven't seen anyway, but we have a great time and go to bed at 2:00am. some wicked sense of humour in this group!
sunday morning sees me a lot brighter than i would expect. but my energizer batteries quickly run down and i want a nap! we take the divers to a couple of cool locations for diving. moe's reef is a very cool divesite. they are all very happy. ones with digital cameras have them hooked up to the telly so they can show everyone else their happy snaps and the cool stuff they have seen. again we jump in for a snorkel. my ears are nearly better, i can get to around 10-12 metres before it gets a bit difficult. it's a bit barren where we are though, so we get out after a while. again this cute chicky wants to get my scooter taxi service. i'm grinning like an idiot! i have to stop grinning so much. last time one of the bosses said he'd charge me for coming on instead of paying me! and i thought scuba diving was a predominately male sport. well it is, but i'd like to work to change that hehehehe
the water is so clear, i'm diving through all these bubbles from the divers below. they tickle my skin as i dive down through them. i can't see where i'm going, but when i need to breathe it's easy enough to scooter to the surface for a rest.
back on the boat one of the customers, who is built like a brick shithouse, is impressing the girls with his chinup prowess. doing chinups with his legs horizontal in front of him. ok, he can't do a 2 finger chinup, but i can't do that many chinups with my feet like that! so i'm back in my place hehehe, probably good for me, not good to have an inflated impression of myself after beating some other poor schmuck in a chinup competition another time. i can maybe to about 20 chinups, this guy did 15 or so holding his legs up. anyway, harmless showing off, the girls pretend to be suitably impressed and we carry on. i nurse my pride by saying how much older than him i am, and i don't work out that much, and i don't really care anyway. (how transparent is that hehehe)
this group is the coolest. they are easily in the "top 10" for the groups we get. so easy going and fun loving. they love to do fun stuff. lots of groups pike out and don't do the night dive, but we had 8 of them go night diving on the saturday. if you live in sydney and want to go diving with a cool group of people, make sure you check out diver city. But if i'm going to plug a dive group i really have to make sure i also plug Dive 2000 because they are the coolest (and also number 1 in the top 10, they know how to party and are funloving crazy people as well). Kevin Deacon, apart from being one of Australias leading underwater photographers, runs a very fun and happening dive shop, offering trips in Australia and overseas as well as speciality courses etc.. yadda yadda yadda. If you want to do a photography course, go and see Kevin. if you want to travel and do some cool diving, either of these wonderful group of people (don't play favourites, go with both!) can open up a new and wonderful world for you.
it's such a shame that the weekend must end, we pack up, wash up, ferry everyone to shore and let everyone go and head home. usually by the end of the weekend i'm quite looking forward to going home and resting. but this weekend was such a blast i want it to go on and on. on friday when i was really under the weather with this cold, i wasn't very keen at all to be onboard. but today, i am still riding the crest of the wave. tomorrow i will come crashing back to earth when "real job that pays the bills" is on again. the "team dynamics" will never be quite the same again. every time is different. different people, different influences, but if we can again awaken the party and have fun forces in these crazy people we'll be partying until we are dead :-)
ok, in some respects my life is like a train wreck, debris everywere. but weekends like this, i don't care. go with the flow, crazy people and lotsa fun. bring it on.

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